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The progressive technification of our society has been accentuated in the last twenty years, making us increasingly technologically dependent and vulnerable. We have internalized office automation, smartphones and social networks, and this digitalization has turned conversations into exchanges of messages, social networks into the main means of accessing news and has made possible a more automated and efficient management of resources such as water and electricity. But this cyberspace has its setbacks in the form of cyberthreats, cybercrime and cyberrisk and, therefore, cybersecurity has emerged as a mechanism for protecting information linked to users of cybertechnologies. The purpose of this book is to analyze the domains in which cybersecurity acts, its repercussions according to the different types of users affected by it, its vulnerabilities and attacks, as well as to show a set of solutions and recommendations.

Workshop by David Arroyo Guardeño on January 18, 2021.