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The Internet plays a key role in our model of society. The so-called GAFA technologies (Google Amazon Facebook Apple) have a central role in accessing the infrastructure and services of the Internet are the main glasses through which we see reality through applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook or email from the hand of Gmail. All these technologies and platforms allow us to perform a large number of operations without leaving home, with easy use, and without any economic cost in many cases. However, this free nature is actually supported by a type of cost that is difficult to quantify, but whose impact is increasingly evident. The flow of information and personal data is the “money” with which we pay the toll for transiting in cyberspace conditioned by the GAFA interface. While it is difficult to escape from the web of dependence on the uses and habits of the first decades of colonization of cyberspace, there are guidelines and good practices that can help us to build the web of trust that the configuration of a cyber-physical democracy requires. This conference aims not only to highlight the dangers associated with Internet technologies and services, but also has a clear vocation to promote a responsible use of information technologies and social networks.

Workshop by David Arroyo Guardeño at ITEFI on Decembre 23, 2022.