From the Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection Research Group (GiCP) we have a number of different research avenues. One of them aims to materialize certain advances that we make with our scientific work and to carry out an active knowledge transfer process. We aim to develop useful technologies that have a certain impact on society.

One of these branches has led us to create a working group called IQI or Information Quality Index. IQI leverages our in-depth knowledge of fake news detection and the links between fake news and different cyber threats such as reputation attacks.

At IQI we offer a double typology of services:

  • On the one hand, we provide consulting services to companies and/or institutions in which we carry out reputational analysis on the companies themselves through flow analysis techniques and provide protection against coordinated attacks.
  • Secondly, for publishing and press groups, as well as content generators, we provide a series of tools that allow them to keep track of the impact on certain topics as well as customers’ own analytics, offering a solution to the coming demise of cookies as we know them today. We also offer tools for expert and trend detection, as well as claim verification and community monitoring.

We have participated in several business incubator processes (EBTON, APTENISA START, APTENISA LAUNCH…) that have helped us to focus and further develop our work techniques, as well as the main solutions we can provide with the ultimate goal of making a real change in everyday life and having an impact.

The following is a video presentation of IQI [Spanish], its components, activities developed, techniques employed…