In the digital age, criminal activity has transformed with the advent of ‘Crime-as-a-Service’ (CaaS), presenting unprecedented challenges in the cyber world. Our research initiative, SafeHorizon, is at the forefront of combating this sophisticated criminal enterprise.

CaaS has leveraged the dark web and cryptocurrency markets, providing a marketplace for illicit services and products. This paradigm shift has made it possible for anyone with internet access to acquire tools and services once only available to advanced criminals. From malware-as-a-service to ransomware campaigns, the digital black market is rife with opportunities for nefarious activities, often hindering the efforts of law enforcement due to its complexity and anonymity.

SafeHorizon is our response to these challenges—a cutting-edge project focused on disrupting CaaS operations. Utilizing a multi-pronged approach, SafeHorizon integrates technology, cyber intelligence, and advanced analytics to track and dismantle these criminal networks. Our toolbox, still under development, promises to revolutionize how computer security incident response teams (CSIRTs) approach these threats.

Key components of SafeHorizon include:

  1. A robust database compiling intelligence from clear, deep, and dark web sources, along with public dumps and leaks.
  2. Advanced machine learning algorithms to identify correlations within massive datasets and extract actionable intelligence.
  3. Interactive tools and notebooks for law enforcement and cybersecurity experts to deploy in their investigative and prosecutorial efforts.

Our mission is unequivocal: to counteract cybercriminal endeavors by employing their own strategies against them, thereby enhancing the security of the digital environment for the collective good.